Reports & Publications

We have begun preparing country-level statistical reports on issues related to abandoned/orphaned children and orphanages. Special emphasis is paid to matters of health. Additionally, in conjunction with the UNPO, The Fishermen will also cover the difficulties faced by child orphans of the unrepresented people of the world. Though these reports are mainly for use by the UN, we welcome special requests from fellow NGOs who need information support before engaging in new missions. You read or download all our report and publications.

fishermen Afghanistan A Glimpse at an Overwhelming Problem

fishermen Brief on the Orphanages of the Republic of Moldova

fishermen Children of the Islamic Republic of Iran

fishermen Down Syndrome and Dental Health

fishermen Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Dental Health

fishermen HIV AIDS Awareness Data Sheet

fishermen Human Trafficking in Moldova

fishermen Kyrgyzstan Crisis Report June 2010

fishermen Nutrition for Oral Health

fishermen Oral Hygiene Information

fishermen Preliminary Report on Gilgit-Baltistan

fishermen Preventing Tooth Decay

fishermen Scar Management After Trauma

fishermen Vital Nutrients for Oral Health

fishermen Physical and Sexual Abuse of Institutionalized and Street Children

fishermen Making Physical Therapy Fun for Children

fishermen The Danger Book

fishermen Do Not Touch Mines

fishermen Human Trafficking Awareness

fishermen ACT Child Abuse Recognition Guide

fishermen Combatants of North and South Kivu

fishermen The Hurt Book - Medical Guide for Children.pdf




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